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Free Online Tax Filing

How do you file your taxes every year? Do you struggle with the task yourself or do you pay for a professional to do the job for you? How much time and energy do you expend trying to avoid the chore? And how much money do you spend in order to have someone else do the job for you? Would you like to change that?

Free Online Tax PreparationTax preparation is a yearly necessary task that causes much more anxiety and anguish than is needed. If you could find the right software to make that job easier, wouldn't you buy it? It isn't that hard to find the product that best fits your tax circumstances. By assessing your personal tax needs and researching your options, you'll find the software program tailor made for you.

You'll need to answer a few questions in order to know what your needs are and what you should be looking for in a tax prep program. If your tax needs are very simple, you'll be able to take advantage of online free tax filing software. No fee! How great is that! If free tax software sounds great, how about free efiling along with free tax preparation? No cost for efile, no cost to file online, no prolonged wait for your refund. Perfect! Are you single, do you rent, do you have few or no deductions? Then the free online tax software program versions will fit your needs (and your budget!)

Are you married, do you own a home, have children, or have itemized deductions? A basic version will suit your tax situation. You can still file free federal tax returns with the Basic version, and the state tax return will cost you just a modest fee to file online. And then, there's also the benefit of getting your refund back in less time. So much better than waiting for check to come in the mail.

Do you have investments or retirement income, gains or losses from the sales of stocks or bonds? A Deluxe version will suit you best. Still able to file your federal tax return for free and save money by filing your state return online at a low cost. Tax filing online will save you money over paying a tax service to do what you can do yourself.

Are you are self-employed? Do you have rental income? A Premium level program will be the best fit for you. Still having the benefit of free federal tax online tax returns and low cost state filing fee, but also the advantage of free tax help with some of the company's' Premium level programs. Some offer online chat with a tax professional.

Top Choices for Online Free Tax Filing Software Programs

On this page you'll find several software companies offering a wide range of products for you to choose from, including TaxBrain, CompleteTax, TurboTax and H&R Block. Here's just a few highlights of each software:

TurboTax - Online Free Edition

TurboTax Federal Free Edition was designed for simple returns and filers that need little tax guidance, regardless of income level. TurboTax Free Edition is the easy way to get free online tax return preparation. It suggests tax credits you may be eligible for to get your refund as big as possible, guaranteed.

Please note that the Free Edition does not cover tax return schedules C, D, E, and F that required for people who own a business or have sold investments.

TurboTax simplifies the decision for deciding which tax forms you need to file. Just answer simple questions and TurboTax properly fills out the correct forms for you.

Most Commonly-Filed IRS Tax Forms and Schedules

Federal Free Editions Includes These Commonly Used Tax Forms:

  • Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return
  • Schedule A Itemized Deductions
  • Form 1040AIndividual Income Tax Return.
  • Schedule B Interest & Dividend Income
  • Form 1040EZ Income Tax Return for Single and Joint Filers With No Dependents
  • Schedule EIC Earned Income Credit

TurboTax Freedom Edition (Free File Edition) is very easy to use, fast, and accurate. TurboTax is best used with Internet Explorer. The free version of TurboTax is available to filers with adjusted gross income that meets annually set limits.

TurboTax Freedom also provides free state tax filing for the states of AL, AR, AZ, GA, ID, IA, KY, MA, MI, MN, MO, MS, NY, ND, NC, OK, OR, RI, SC, VT, WV. Otherwise, adding a state return will cost a small fee. Unfortunately, the free edition does not cover complex tax situations, but is very highly recommended for simple returns.

H&R Block - Online Free Edition

HR Block Federal Free Edition offers tax filers a simple way to prepare and file their return online for free.

HR Block At Home is the best solution for first-time filers with simple tax returns. It includes Accuracy Review™.

Free Edition works well for simple tax returns that exclude self-employment income (Schedule C), rental and royalty income (Schedule E), farm income (Schedule F) and shareholder / partnership income or loss (Schedule K-1).

H&R Block At Home™ and H&R Block Best of Both (SM) prices are ultimately determined at the time of print or e-file. All prices are subject to change without notice.

  • FREE to prepare, FREE to print, FREE to e-file
  • FREE expert advice from community tax specialists
  • FREE audit support and representation from enrolled H&R Block agents
  • 100% Accuracy Guarantee and Maximum Refund Guarantee
  • 1 federal e-file included. State returns available for additional charge.

H&R Block (Free File version) provides free access to the HR Block At Home Premium software. Users have access to all of H&R Block's tax preparation tools, forms, and tips.

The H&R Block Free File software is easy to use and fast. Adding a state return costs extra. We saw no marketing pressure to upgrade to a paid version. Overall, H&R Block is one of the very best free file software programs available. Highly recommended for simple low income tax filing.

Free program for simple tax needs, step-by-step guidance: 

TaxBrainTaxAct - The 1040 EZ is for single or married taxpayers with no kids,

E Smart TaxE-Smart-Tax - Free version for those filing the 1040 EZ with no children or dependants, the Free File offers quick and accurate income tax calculations in an interview-based software format.

Now is the time to get started on doing your own free tax returns. Assess your needs, check out the software available and save cash by doing your own free online taxes! What are you waiting for?



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